Clan Matheson International Gathering 2020 in the USA

The Chief would like to let you all have early notice of plans for our next International Clan Gathering.  He has been invited to be Chief of the 2020 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, near Linville, North Carolina, USA, which will take place Thursday 9 - Sunday 12 July 2020.  GMHG is the largest Gathering of Scottish Clan and Family Societies in the world.  In 2018 there were 118 Clan and Family Societies and approximately 30,000 people attended.  We would be the 'honoured Clan' because of this invitation.  It is a tremendous chance for members of our Clan Society to meet, have a thoroughly enjoyable time, get some excellent publicity and hopefully gain many new members, in the USA and elsewhere.  Take a look at the GMHG website which will give you a good idea of what to expect.


Please get in touch if you are intending to go.  More information is on the menu card, CLAN GATHERING 2020.

Travel tips:

Make sure your passport will be valid for that period and that you have an ETSA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) or equivalent visa to enter the USA. Full details are available from

Make sure you are conversant with USA customs regulations, especially with regard to banned skins and furs on some sporrans. 


NEW annual subscription for UK and Europe Branch

At the 2019 AGM, it was agreed to reduce the membership subscription to £12 (or its equivalent in Euros) starting in 2020.  The Family Membership is no longer, as are legacy Life Memberships, so it will be just £12 per household.  Those with older children earning a reasonable wage are encouraged to get them to join the Clan Society under their own membership.  Please use the CONTACT page to get in touch.  Some of you have already paid the previous fee, be assured rebates will be issued before the end of the year. Membership forms and Clan account bank details will be sent on request.

We prefer that payment is made annually by Standing Order using online banking.  When you are updating your Standing Order to change your subscription, please make sure to tick the annual payment box and to use the Clan reference comprising your initials and the last 3 of your postcode: for example, AAM-2HX.  This is essential to identify which Mathesons or Mathiesons have paid.   

Clan Matheson Society UK Branch AGM

The AGM will be held on 7 June 11:00 am just north of Grantham.  Directions will be made available to those wishing to attend.

Coffee at 10:30 am, AGM followed by lunch, which is provided.

After lunch, pending any measures in place due to coronavirus, it is hoped we might visit the International Bomber Command Centre, just south of Lincoln. Emails to follow, but if we could ask for levels of interest to either, please email

Clan Matheson Society UK Branch Committee Posts

If you look at the bottom of the CONTACT page, you will see David Mathieson hogging most of the jobs.

Please email if you feel you might be able to help out.  

Clan Matheson Society information and media

The old MEMBERS page, which had a library of downloadable information, has been removed because its log-in was unstable and difficult to administer.  Those members, who had previously applied for access to this page, are invited to apply again, but this time we will be using the new Clan Matheson Dropbox.  This is not part of this website.  Please email david, to apply for a 'view only' access, and you will receive for each Dropbox folder an invitation by email.  The 'view only' access means you should not to pay for a Dropbox subscription, the Clan account has already paid.  Documents, media and photographs are now all available to view. 

**  Clan Matheson Society Newsletter UK Branch **

The Newsletter will be published shortly.  If you have anything at all that might be of interest including just a photograph, please let us know. In the first instance please contact by email who will forward your article to the Newsletter editor. 

UK Legislation:  General Data Protection Regulations

The Clan Matheson Society (CMS) use your personal details (i.e. names, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers and any preferences) solely for the administration of Society matters, and these are not passed to anyone without your permission.  For the CMS to have your personal details on record, you would have given the CMS UK Branch your consent to keep a record of your details.  Occasionally the CMS will ask you to confirm your consent.  If we do not hear from you, your record will be struck off.  Your personal details are only made available to those tasked with running the UK Branch of the CMS in the course of their duty.


You are responsible for notifying the Membership Secretary of any changes.


The Membership Secretary is responsible for ensuring the records are safeguarded as best as possible within the resources available to the CMS.


You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the CMS, and if this may be the case, you will no longer be a member.  The CMS will delete in toto your personal details as soon as the accounts of that financial year have been audited.


You are entitled to ask for a record of your details, or for further information, email





Click here to go to the AHCS website.

Note for the diary: the Inverness Highland Games and Gala are usually held mid-July at which the Clan Matheson is welcome. For more information please get in touch through our CONTACT page.

2020 HIGHLAND GAMES are cancelled due to restrictions in place regarding coronavirus, for more information click here to see their website.