Bandits & Banditry in 17th-Century Scotland

1 June, 6.30 PM UK Time



Dr Allan Kennedy presents his latest research on three prominent bandit gangs who terrorised 17th-century communities

We all know the tale of Rob Roy, the dashing 18th-century outlaw whose exploits made him a legend in his own lifetime. But Rob was not the first Scottish bandit, as this talk by Dr Allan Kennedy will demonstrate.

Banditry, in fact, has been a serious social problem throughout the preceding century, particularly in and around the Highlands, the rugged landscape of which proved perfect cover for all manner of brigands and robbers.

Focusing on three prominent examples…

  • The Gilderoy/Dow Geir gang of the 1630s

  • The Mackintosh/MacGregor gang of the 1660s

  • The MacGibbon gang of the 1670s


. . . this exclusive talk will delve into the world of the 17th-century bandit, exploring the causes of banditry, the nature of their activity, and the tactics and strategies used for stopping them. Be warned - it's not a story for the squeamish!

Dr Allan Kennedy is Lecturer in History at the University of Dundee, specialising in the social and political history of early modern Scotland. He is also Consultant Editor of History Scotland magazine. 

Join Dr Allan Kennedy for a 45-minute online talk, followed by 30 minutes of questions from the audience. The webinar will be recorded and made available to ticket-holders for 7 days after the broadcast.

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Jacobite Perth - A Healthy Walk through History. Perth, May 18th - May 25th



This from Michael Nevin, Author of 'Reminiscences of a Jacobite' (see the note in 'Malcolm's Corner') 

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of Scottish history,


This is let you know that I am doing a walking tour of Jacobite Perth as part of this year's Perth Arts Festival in May, in the week between Wednesday May 18th and Wednesday May 25th (excluding Sunday).  There will be one tour in the morning, commencing outside the Salutation Inn at 10:30 AM and finishing there around midday, and another in the afternoon, also starting and finishing at the Salutation, commencing at 2 PM and finishing around 3:30 PM.


A press article published on April 14th entitled ‘How a brisk walk can give depression the boot’ reports a recent study by researchers at Cambridge University, demonstrating that a brisk walk brings significant psychological as well as physical benefits. One of the report's authors, Dr Mark Matt Pearce, states that "the key message of the paper is that the risk of depression is substantially lower for individuals who are physically active", while another of the report authors, Prof James Woodcock, adds that "increases in social interaction during activity played a role."  With this in mind, the maximum number of any single tour is limited to 12, so we may enjoy a conversation as we go round.


The tour commentary itself will cover not only the military aspects of the Jacobite occupation of Perth between September 3rd and September 10th 1745, but also the daily work of people in Perth, the food and drink they enjoyed (with a diet more limited but generally healthier than today), and other aspects of life at that time.

Durachdan agus Slainte Mhath!

(Best wishes and good health!)

For the morning walk (10:30 am - midday):

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For the afternoon walk (2:00 pm - 3:30 pm):

FIND OUT MORE  May 18th - May 25th  BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW - Tickets £10 each

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