27 October, 6.30pm UK Time

How do I discover more about my emigrant ancestors?

Join us live on Zoom on 27 October as Dr Stephen Mullen examines the emergence and fortunes of Glasgow West India merchants and planters towards the end of Caribbean slavery, assessing their impact on Scottish industrial, agricultural and societal development.


We’ll be exploring:


* Who were the men who comprised Glasgow's 'sugar aristocracy'?


* How important was West India commerce to Scottish economic development?


* How many Scots were present in colonial Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad, and how did they acquire and repatriate fortunes, if at all?


We’d love to welcome you to this fascinating 45-minute talk, with 30 minutes for audience questions after the presentation

Got a question? E-mail Rachel Bellerby

Dr Stephen Mullen is research associate in history at the University of Glasgow. The webinar is based upon Dr Mullen's new monograph The Glasgow Sugar Aristocracy: Scotland and Caribbean Slavery 1775-1838, published under the Royal Historical Society / Institute of Historical Research's flagship series New Historical Perspectives (University of London Press, October 2022).

FIND OUT MORE Thursday 27 October 2022, 6.30 pm UK time

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Each 45-minute talk starts at 6.30pm and is followed by a 30 minute Q&A with the speaker. Each event is recorded and the recording is made available to ticket holders for 7 days afterwards. 

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