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Clan Matheson UK & Europe Branch  

A warm welcome from the UK & Europe Branch Committee! 


Please feel free to send a message using this form.


If you are from the UK and do not have email, please ring or text David Mathieson on 07910 579005


If you are from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States enquiring about membership, genealogy or other enquiries, please contact the relevant Branch Secretary listed in the Clan Matheson Society (International) website.  You can access the Clan Matheson Society (International) website by clicking on the Clan Badge [above].

Your request has been sent!


          Clan Chief:               Sir Alexander Matheson of Matheson, Bt.  


          Clan Genealogist:                   John Faid                                           

          Clan Website:                          James Matheson                               

          Clan Newsletter:                     VACANT


          Chief's Lieutenant:                 Andrew Matheson of Matheson, yr

          Hon. Secretary:                       VACANT

          Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary:

                                                            Stuart Matheson Latto                     

          UK Genealogist:                      VACANT

          Branch Website:                     Malcolm Heeley                               

          Shop:                                        Stuart Matheson Latto                     

          Clan Media:                             Malcolm Heeley                               

          PR & Events:                            Andrew Matheson                           

          Recorder:                                 Stuart Matheson Latto                   

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