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We were contacted by Marianne Matthijsse and here is a link to their Matheson-Matthijsse website.  We hope you enjoy it, but do contact her if you have any questions.  
Traditional Sites of Matheson History in Lochalsh
Margaret Fleming's Book (Australia Branch)
Alister Farquhar Matheson's Book
   Scotland’s North West Frontier
Below is Alister Farquhar Matheson's book.  We are unable to secure sales of this worthwhile book for our website, but you are still encouraged to buy the book through on-line book stalls at a very reasonable price.   The list of Matheson entries in the index runs to almost a page in two columns.

'The Western coastal lands of the Northern Highlands are squeezed between the northern Hebrides & Drumalban mountainous  spine of Scotland. This is a region Justly famed for some of the finest  and most unspoilt scenery in the British Isles - but what happened here in times past? For a long time this was a frontier zone, firstly between the medieval kingdoms of Norway and  Scotland, and then between the Gaelic Lords of the Isles and the Scottish kings. Later this remote seaboard was the last hiding place in Britain for Bonnie Prince Charlie  after the collapse of his hopes at the Battle of Culloden. A land of clans & lost causes, this is the story of powerful lords  and warrior chiefs, Presbyterian soldiers of the Covenant and Hanoverian redcoats, Highland Clearances, road and railway builders, whisky smugglers and opium traders, across eight centuries from Viking times to the beginning  of the 21st century.'

Picture of I.M.A. Matheson

Anyone claim to be related to IMA Matheson who was at Winchester College in 1913? He joined the Lothians and Border Horse during World War 1, and afterwards continued in military service. In 1919 he was Mentioned in Dispatches, and at some point he was awarded the OBE, Croix de Guerre, and the Serbian Order of the White Eagle.  This picture is hanging in an Antique Shop in Lincolnshire.  Please contact for more information.

Loch Achaidh-na-h-Inich

Loch Achaidh-na-h-Inich is in the region of the ancestral Lochalsh Matheson estate. There are the remains of a fort, which is of a size appropriate to that of a local Chieftain, and of a Crannog. The loch may be viewed by dragging the figure to the road near the pointer.

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